Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mother's Day - A Pain or a Yay?

Women. So complex. With their hormones raging every 4 weeks or so... or maybe on a regular day basis, men really do have a tough job at finding the right moments to communicate effectively with women.

Ok. maybe it's not that bad!... is it?  But for many men, Mother's day is sure a heck of a brain whack! What do you do for your mother on the 13th of May? A repeat of last year's dinner? A bunch of flowers to thank them for their effort at raising their children? Or a simple "Happy Mother's Day"? Choices are so broad, yet limited at the same time.  There are only so many choices that will ensure you a day free of rambling, that is if you pick the right choice!

So what is the perfect choice?  Do you ask your mother/in law what they want? Well if you do ask, there are only two outcomes.  Either they say "it doesn't matter!" (when it actually does) or a statement that emphasises the man's "little" understanding and care for their mother.

Don't ask you say! So what should you do? Well, a tip! Look at their schedule and listen to their ramblings for the weeks coming up to mothers day. They will surely subtly hint at what they want... or need. It could simply be a box of chocolates... or as complex as a trip to Paris for this season's "It" item! Either way, you're just going to have to decipher their messages slowly, because i can tell you, it changes by the minute.

What if you're running short of time? Or that you couldn't understand the hints your mother was giving you? Well, there's one item that 99% of women will definitely like; Parfum.  Just go to the nearest department store, and pick out a nice gift set, usually the Parfum, hand cream and a body wash. Easy right? ... not really. You gotta think about the smell. Will it suit your mom? Will she like it? Has she already got something similar? Has she got this one already? Seriously, the questions are infinite, and the outcomes are indefinite.

Have i done my shopping for my mother yet? Of course. She hinted at a wallet she rather liked, so i bought it. Then i realised she's going overseas for work. Since the area is cold and dry, i bought some hand cream that she liked.

Really? Did you think this day was easy? Every year, if i'm not running out of time, i gotta think of something new. Comparing to Father's day, mother's day is much more complex and time consuming. For father's day it's just dinner, and for the past 19 years, i still haven't got a complaint.

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