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Giorgio Armani - Skin Minerals Review

Since 2007, i've started my own skin care regime, changing brands from Etude House (Korean) to Clinique, Kielhs, Sisley etc.... All the brands that i've used have considerable numbers of reviews online, however Giorgio Armani's Skin Minerals range seems to have dropped of the radar. Armani, famously known for their makeup range, developed their own men's skin care line in 2007; Giorgio Armani Skin Minerals.

Many skin care brands boast their own unique incorporation of technology into their products, allowing them to differentiate from one another. With YSL's glycobiology, Sisley's phytocosmetology, Lancome's tiger herb, and La Prairie's cellular technology, Armani sets aside their own range with the infusion of Volcanic Complexes, derived from magma blown into the air during volcanic eruptions.

Yes. luxury skin care promises miraculous results; anti ageing, anti-wrinkle, brightening effects and other various claims. Accompanied with millions of dollars invested in advertisements, one would eventually be persuaded to test out these "age defying" products. Despite the boastful claims made by the companies, consumers are forgetting the most important aspect of Skin Care, clean and healthy skin. Blinded by the importance of visual appearance within today's society, consumers are more likely to spend their dime on luxury skin care, than search for products which are more suitable and less fancy for their faces.

So the question is, does Armani Skin Minerals live up to the expectations? Since 2007, Armani's Skin Minerals line has increased to 8 products, ranging from cleansers, serums to moisturisers. With a relatively hefty price attached to each individual product, will consumers want to defy age with Armani, or will they rather forget the Volcanic Complex hype and instead revitalise their skin with natural H2O (water) molecules?

1. Cleansing Cream @ $55AUD/200mL

As with all cleansers, the main selling point is a clean, clear and smooth skin after cleansing. Add a luxury label to the cleanser, unique minerals will be used to clean your face, providing not only clean, clear and smooth skin, but also pore tightening and moisturising effects.

The cleanser's texture is a lightweight white cream, which doesn't foam up at all. To cleanse the whole face, a larger amount of product will be required, in comparison to other cleansers of a different texture. There is also a slight fragrance, which is less noticeable when compared to La Prairie and Sisley cleansers.

Results? Clean, clear and smooth skin! There is no [dry] tightness of the skin after cleansing, and as a bonus, skin seems to glow much more! What of the pores? ... "What pores are you on about?" After two weeks of using this cleanser, pores are no longer visible to the naked eye, especially the larger ones on the nose.

Rating: 8.5/10

2. Scrubbing Mud @ $65AUD/150mL

Skin regenerates everyday; new cells grow and dead skin clings if you don't clean properly. An exfoliator, used once or twice a weeks, reassures that new skin is constantly on the top layer, absorbing all the vitamins and minerals you spend on your face. 

The exfoliator is a thick and rough, dark green/grey coloured mud.  The mud contains a scrubbing ingredient, Tephras, which are fine volcanic particles derived from magma. Containing rich mineral ingredients, Tephras removes the top layer of dead skin and unclog pores, leaving skin refined, smoother and firmer.

For such a price, do you expect an amazing exfoliator? Definitely! More expensive than many exfoliators out in the market, this product should not only remove dead skin, but also improve the appearance of pores, blemishes and skin texture. Immediate results? Just a nice scent and clean skin. Skin doesn't look much different in comparison to the cleansing cream (1).  Results after a night's sleep after exfoliating? A totally different complexion! Skin is refined, firmed, smoother, brighter, and blemishes are a tone lighter! 

Rating: 8/10

3. Fortifying Serum  @  $95AUD/75mL

Although not a necessary for any skincare regime, a serum provides an extra boost of nutrients, bringing out a healthier and brighter complexity to the skin. The fortifying serum contains Vitamin E and and Pro Vitamin 5, protecting skin against free radicals, and soothing the skin, respectively.

The serum's texture is a white/clear colour gel, which is easily absorbed into the skin. Only less than one pump is only required to fortify the skin, and the absorption rate is extremely fast. For those whom want a more lightweight moisturiser, but still achieve the same results, a serum is the perfect choice!

After applying the serum for two weeks, skin is noticeably smoother and there seems to be a glow to the skin after waking up.  Want smoother and less dull skin? Forget lasers and knives because this serum provides amazing results, just without the pain and bruising.

Rating: 8.5/10

4. Regenerating Cream @ $145AUD/50mL

Invisible to the naked eye, there are many pollutants that surround us everyday, breathed into our lungs and absorbed into our skin.  Although we can't control what we breathe in (unless you smoke), we can however protect our skin from radicals and pollutants.  An application of a moisturiser will provide a barrier between the skin and pollutants.

Creams are moisturisers that contain oils, and a common ingredient used is Shea Butter.  Generally, a moisturiser that contains oil is not suitable for consumers with oily/combination skin, however an exception has been discovered!  With a heavier texture than gels, this white/cream coloured moisturiser comes with an amazing fragrance, that smells and feels great on the skin. How much should you put on? ... just a little bit. This moisturiser spreads like crazy and a little bit goes a long way!! 

Two weeks have passed, and after day & night application of this cream, skin has not only become much smoother, but pores have also been refined and oil production has been drastically reduced.  Wrinkle reduction? Not too sure. Being only 19, wrinkles have yet to appear.  Maybe an update in 10 years or so, then i can write a review for the anti-wrinkle effects. But as an everyday moisturiser, the effects are surely skin regenerating!

Rating: 8/10

5. Eye Master @ $85AUD/15mL

A common ingredient in all eye cream/serums is caffeine; an active ingredient to combat puffiness. Add the label Armani to an eye cream, age and fatigue defying becomes the selling point.  Containing Conker and Butcher's broom extracts, and the hyped up volcanic complex ingredients, the eye master sells as an anti-aging, anti fatigue and de-puffing eye serum. How does this serum differentiate from a regular clinique eye cream? The Conker and Butcher's broom extracts stimulate micro blood circulation, erasing signs of ageing and tiredness.

The serum is a clear serum/gel with no distinct fragrance.  After 10 or so seconds of massaging it under theeye, the serum is fully absorbed.

No need for two weeks to see results with this product.  Only 10-15 minutes after application, eye lines, puffiness, dark circles and skin texture are greatly improved. For someone who sleeps at 4 in the morning and wakes at 7am, this eye serum revitalises the skin, appearing as if one has slept for 9+ hours.  A hyped up serum? Yes. A serum that provides results? a BIG YES!

Rating: 9.5/10

So, the Armani Skin Mineral's Volcanic Complex hype. Commercially? A success. Product packaging? Sleek. Price? Relatively well priced. Lives up to the hype? YES!

Many luxury labels are criticised for their skincare range, due to their main concentration in fashion.  Without actual lab test results, many are afraid to test out these high end products, due to the low belief of positive results, and hefty prices (compared to other skincare products).  Armani, however has steered themselves away from the usual stereotype, that luxury labels can only be successful in fashion. Since the development of the Skin Minerals range, Armani has not only been able to compete against other luxury label's skincare range targeted for women, but also brands that target Men's skin ie Biotherm.   

Do i recommend this range? Yes! For me, results have been proven, and skin is noticeably firmer, smoother and brighter.  Never have my pores been this small, and oil production is noticeably less! You want to regenerate your skin? Then live with Armani's skin minerals, and you won't be disappointed!

Overal Rating: 8.5/10

Note: all photos are owned by Giorgio Armani Beauty All prices are set by Giorgio Armani boutique, David Jones Limited.

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