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Clinique - 3 step Anti blemish line & Moisture surge Review

Clinique (1968), is a manufacturer of skin care products, owned by Estee Lauder Corporation. Well known for their 3 Step Care sets, Clinique is now a well established skin care label world wide, promoting the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in treating skin conditions. Clinique also advertises their frequent lab tests, ensuring that their products are allergen free.

Comparing Clinique to other labels, their daily skin care products are relatively cheap, ranging from ~$30-$80AUD. And with regular promotions and complimentary gifts (purchases over $75), it is no wonder why Clinique has branched out to nearly every continent! 

Blemishes have been a constant problem with my skin, and so after several recommendations from friends and family, i decided to test out the Anti-Blemish line, and the moisture surge extended relief.

1. Anti Blemish Solutions - Cleansing foam @ $36AUD/125mL

Cleansing foams are lightweight cleaners, primarily aiming to clean and unclog pores in the skin.  Although it can be used to remove makeup, a heavier cleanser would be preferred for makeup removal. 

Effectiveness of this cleanser? Not very effective. Despite all the raving reviews online, reading how well this cleansing foam cleans the skin, reduces redness, unclogs pores and limits blemishes, i found it worse than a cleanser bought from the supermarket. There is no fragrance so it was rather boring, and skin doesn't feel clean and smooth after cleansing.  Having used this product for 6+months, there were no visible improvements on blemishes and skin complexity. 

On a note, i also hated the packaging. A light aqua color? Seriously? And the pump... doesn't always work.

Rating: 2/10

2.Anti Blemish Solutions - Clarifying Lotion @ $42AUD/200mL

This lotion....or exfoliator...or toner.... is the second step in the 3 Step anti blemish line.  Sales told me it did not contain any alcohol, but upon opening the bottle, it smelt of nothing but alcohol. So i put this lotion.. exfoliator? on a cut i had on my finger...and boy did it sting! Alcohol? I think so...

So, a toner, arguably not a necessity in one's skin care regime, however some people do recommend it for pH balancing, and skin prepping for moisturisers and other products.

Did this toner help? Well maybe as a disinfectant on my finger yeah... but for my face? No. Skin still produced a lot of oil, despite the claims by Clinique that it will "reduce excess oil". Oil absorbing powder is supposedly an ingredient in this lotion... but from what i see...there ain't any powder in it!

Rating : 10/10  for the disinfectant quality.  2/10 for its actual purpose.

3. Moisture Surge extended relief @ $75AUD/50mL

Clinique sales really need to get a grip on their knowledge of products.  For the 3 step anti blemish, i decided i wanted to use a moisturiser not in the line, and so was recommended the Moisture Surge extended relief.  After using this moisturiser for 6+months (and several repurchases of this product), i returned to Clinique, and another sales told me that i was using the wrong moisturiser; this surge was meant to be used as an extra moisture boost. So...i was recommended the wrong product on more than one occasion? 

The gel is quite heavy in comparison to other gel moisturisers. Clinique claims that this 'lightweight' product gives the face the necessary 'drink' of the day, removing any traces of tightness, fine lines and flakiness. To me, it felt like putting a lightweight paste on my face, and then 10 minutes later let the oil shine through once again. 

One of the worst moisturiser i have ever come across. Not only does it not help skin in anyway, but the price set is incredibly overpriced.  Actually, i would say its more overpriced than Sisley. At least Sisley is a luxury label.

Rating: 3.5/10

4. Anti Blemish Solution - Oil Control Mask @$52AUD/100mL

Masks are used for deep cleansing, and are usually used once or twice a week.  The anti blemish is a white clay based mask, that claims to deep clean the skin and unclog the pores, preventing the production of excess oils.  

The mask is quite watery, so it spreads quite well with a small amount.  However, after solidifying, the face becomes quite stiff, and any minor movement causes major cracks in the mask.  Although this isn't a major issue, it does feel uncomfortable whilst having a tight face and trying to talk.

Allergy tested, as Clinique claims.  Well, either my skin's very unique, or that the claims are exaggerated. This mask, not only made my skin very rough after application, but also redness and itchiness after it was cleansed off.  Pores weren't minimised, skin wasn't smoothed, skin was irritated, and blemishes looked the same; opposite to what Clinique claims on their site! 

Rating: 1/10

Do i still use Clinique? well i have a few tubs of the moisture surge left... so i put it on my neck. After i use it up? Goodbye! Unless Clinique comes out with some wonder working tub of lotion, then i won't ever go near their products again.  Then again, their wonder working tub of lotion could cause an allergy... even if they claim that all their products are allergen tested...

Overal Rating: 2/10

Note: all images are owned by Clinique.  All prices are set by Clinique, Australia


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